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Pilates Style, October 2008
Professor Prop
Team up with a silent partner that'll make your workout a winner.
Pilates Style, February 2007
Triad- you'll like it
Have a ball with this multipurpose apparatus that adds fun to your pilates workout while helping you work (even) deeper.
More Magazine, February 2007
The Better Posture Workout
Five moves to a taller, trimmer, stronger you.
TimeOut New York
Critic's Pick
Pilates Workout with the Triadball
Bulletin of the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases. Volume 62, Number 2, 2007
Rehabilitation after Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty
A New Regimen Using Pilates Training (Triadball used and featured)
Washington Woman, January 2006
Staying Well
Money, success and grown-up toys are fun, but nothing matches the feeling of fresh air, a fit body and a relaxed mind.
Pilates Style, May 2006
Level I DVD Review
Pilates Workout with the Triadball

Pilates Stretching Journal (Italy)
Triadball Featured

Pilates Style, January 2006
Shouldering Strength
Whether performing on Broadway or shoveling snow, find that oh-so-important connection between your shoulders, lats and powerhouse.
Pilates Style, Winter 2005
Small Weights, Big Workout
Tone your arms and shoulders with 2 quick mat exercises.
Self Magazine, December 2002
So Long, Love Handles!
The parties! The food! To indulge without the bulge, twist and tone your way to a tighter tummy with these eight moves.
Self Magazine, April 2002
This way to a stressless body
Tense? Tight? Taxed? You need a vacation - or at least these anytime, anywhere moves that send stress packing.
American Luxury, Fall 2002
The Stress-Free Zone
Men's Exercise, September 2001
Strengthen Your Powerhouse with Pilates
Pilates Style, June 2008
Spinning the Classics (Triadball featured)
Whether you're a teacher or student, pumping up the volume on old standards is bound to produce surefire hits.

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