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Why Pilates with the TRIADBALL™?
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The benefits of working with balls have been known for centuries. The Greek philosopher and physician Galen in the 2nd century A.D. wrote that “Exercising with a ball, can exercise the lower portion of the body or the upper, some particular part rather than the whole or it can exercise all the parts of the body equally.”

The philosophy of working on a ball and the Pilates method are extremely similar as both believe in strengthening the core muscles (or Power house) and keeping them engaged and stable as you execute the exercises. The exercises are patterns of movements rather then isolated movements. Even when you focus on one muscle group or part of the body, the whole body stays active to support that movement.

Therefore you exercise your body like your body moves in daily activities, which in turn will have an impact on your daily activities. On top of that, research has proven that workouts that use the complete body during each exercise (like Pilates and the TRIADBALL™ workouts do) actually burn more calories. A recent study in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research reports that using a ball provided significantly greater gains in trunk stability as well as balance.

The purple TRIADBALL™ is the first ball of its size on the fitness market specifically designed for Pilates (2003). There are many reasons why and how we incorporate the TRIADBALL™ in a Pilates class or session. First of all it is fun! And we all know if a workout is not fun, you will not stick with it! But to keep our answer short the top reasons are:

  • The TRIADBALL™ duplicates Pilates equipment exercises
  • The TRIADBALL™ can either challenge or support you during the Pilates mat exercises
  • The TRIADBALL™ is portable and less expensive than Pilates studio equipment!
  • The TRIADBALL™ duplicates Pilates equipment exercises. When Joseph Pilates created his method, he started with a series of Mat exercises. The Art of Pilates is that it requires ability in execution and a lot of control. Joseph Pilates realized that not everyone was able to experience and execute his exercises correctly and therefore did not get the full benefits of his method. It was this realization that led him to create the equipment we use today. With the TRIADBALL™ you can duplicate many of the exercises usually preformed on the Pilates studio equipment. We use the TRIADBALL™ exactly as Joseph Pilates used his equipment, to help you experience and execute the Pilates exercises correctly, safely and effectively. Therefore, you will get the same benefits of working with the big studio equipment just by using the TRIADBALL™.
  • The TRIADBALL™ can either challenge or support you during the Pilates mat exercises The mat exercises are the core and basis of all the Pilates exercises, and the starting point for entire Pilates system and the TRIADBALL™ can either support or challenge you during your Pilates mat exercises. Many of us will cheat trying to perform some of the Pilates exercises, sometimes we know we are….and sometimes we don’t even know it. Strategic placement of the TRIADBALL™ during the exercises will help you to realize you are cheating, or give you the satisfaction in the realization you are performing the exercises correctly. The TRIADBALL™ is in fact your own private instructor. During some exercises you will want the TRIADBALL™ to be still….if the TRIADBALL™ moves it means you lost the connection and lost your stability. During other exercises keeping the TRIADBALL™ moving smoothly will guarantee that you are rolling smoothly through your body. You will feel and see the difference. Performing the exercises with the TRIADBALL™ will help you experience how to execute the exercise correctly. In addition the TRIADBALL™ will challenge and improve your balance. The TRIADBALL™ helps reestablish balance, when balance is restored you frequently feel better. The dynamic nature of the TRIADBALL™ forces you to constantly regain your balance, “forcing” your body to work as one unit with your Powerhouse (core) as its center where all movement initiates from and are sustained through. The dynamic elasticity of the TRIADBALL™ allows the ball to smoothly form to your body shape giving your body the support when and where it needs it. The unique material of the TRIADBALL™ makes the ball “soft” enough to be comfortable yet strong enough to give you support. For example use the TRIADBALL™ as a pillow, and the stress in your neck and throat will melt away.
  • The TRIADBALL™ is portable and less expensive than Pilates studio equipment! Pilates created the equipment because most of us are not able to perform his original mat exercises correctly. But the Pilates equipment are big and expensive and taking a session in a Pilates Studio is not always possible either. They can be expensive as well especially if you want to get results and take 3 or 4 sessions a week. In addition you might not have access to the larger Pilates equipment and a reputable Pilates studio might be hard to find in your neighborhood. And, what are you going to do when you are on vacation, or on a business trip? For those times the TRIADBALL™ is the solution as it is extremely user friendly, effective and portable. You can inflate and deflate the TRIADBALL™ in less then one minute! Of course there is no substitute for a one-on-one session with a great instructor on the original equipment, but lets be realistic…. that is not always a possibility. The TRIADBALL™ is a great inexpensive, portable and most of all effective alternative or addition to your Pilates home or studio workout.
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